Since 1994 Echo Hill Automation has been an innovator, specializing in building fully automated centerless grinders to ease your work flow, increase production and capability, and provide continual support. Universal grinders will soon be added to our portfolio.

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Lights Out Automation

Fully automatic centerless and universal grinding capabilities.

Reduced Need For Labour

More cost-effective overall, and eliminates human error.

Full Support Options

Complete customer support and troubleshooting to keep you running.


Centerless Grinding

After years of automating and rebuilding centerless grinders, we used our expertise to develop a brand new grinder, the Tactic 8 Centerless Grinder. The Tactic 8 is a full CNC controlled precision infeed centerless grinder, with a clean sheet designed using the latest technology.

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Tactic 8 centerless grinding


Universal Grinding

The Tactic 40 Universal Grinder is a brand-new design of a universal grinder, using the latest technology. This grinder uses linear motors on a grind axis, infinite position direct-drive grind turrets, an automatic wheel changer, and user-friendly PC based controls for ease of use.

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Tactic 40 universal grinding

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Echo Hill Automation has provided the opportunity to optimize automated centerless grinding capabilities to a number of industries who have utilized our Tactic 8 Centerless Grinder since its release in 2009.

Echo Hill Industry - Aerospace


From small rivet-like fasteners to precision roller bearings to landing gear shafts, aerospace manufacturing is full of cylindrical components that need grinding.

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Echo Hill Industry - Medical


The medical industry is all about risk aversion. From grinding bone drills to guidewires, failure is not an option. Grinding has to be precise and consistent.

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Echo Hill Industry - Automotive


The automotive industry requires high volume precision grinding. With constantly changing models and designs, flexibility is key to being successful.

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The Tactic 8 grinders have worked out very well for us and have allowed us to grind our parts in-house.



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