Echo Hill Automation, based in Beamsville, Ontario, specializes in the production of machines initially for centerless grinding, and have now branched out to produce the Tactic 40, a machine focused on fully automated universal grinding. Where other grinding machines on the market are only capable of processing one part at a time, Echo Hill Automation has invested heavily into the research and development to optimize the grinding process.

While Echo Hill Automation began as a business focusing on the refurbishment of centerless grinders, brothers Harry and Dan Schellenberg have propelled the company to new heights with the first innovative design of the Tactic 8 Centerless Grinder, and now the upcoming Tactic 40 Universal Grinder, by integrating new technologies, user-friendly interfaces, more productive capabilities, ease of use, and less required maintenance on the machinery.

Since 1994, Echo Hill Automation has revolutionized the process of how industries are utilizing automated centerless and universal grinding techniques, by providing the ability to fully optimize part production in a wide array of industries reliant upon the reliability and use of ease that the Tactic 8 has provided.

Most of our customers deal with a wide range of different parts, i.e. production runs tend to be short, with frequent product changeovers.

Another factor is that the dimensional tolerances for processed parts have become smaller and smaller over the years.

In order to enable high-precision, efficient production with small production runs and different dimensions, we had to redesign our machines.

Harry Schellenberg
Echo Hill Automation