Centerless and Universal Grinders

Echo Hill Automation has provided the opportunity to optimize automated centerless grinding capabilities to a number of industries who have utilized our Tactic 8 Centerless Grinder since its release in 2009.

Echo Hill Automation - Aerospace


From small rivet-like fasteners to precision roller bearings to landing gear shafts, aerospace manufacturing is full of cylindrical components that need grinding. Demanding materials and tight tolerances result in challenging grinding applications.

The tolerances required in the manufacturing of aerospace products has become increasingly stringent within the last decade, progressing from .0001’s inch to sub micron levels.

The Tactic 8 Grinder, with the Keyence Optical Measurement System feedback has allowed us to make components well within those tolerances. It has facilitated elimination of inspection sorting of parts into classes by grinding to a specified Micron Class on demand, while holding tolerances easily within statistical process capability Cp/Pp of 1.33 – 1.67. Consequently, it has been possible to run the machine unattended, overnight, with lights out.

Alan Levesque
Grinding Engineering and Technology Development
RBC Bearings, Inc
Torrington, CT

Echo Hill Automation - Medical


The medical industry is all about risk aversion. From grinding bone drills to guidewires, failure is not an option. Grinding has to be precise and consistent.

As a manufacturer of bone drills for many different types of surgical procedures it is imperative that there are no blemishes on the parts.

We struggled for many years as it took a skilled operator to perform the task of manually taking the blanks in and out of the machine. Even a skilled operator would only have about 80% yield. Since the introduction of the TACTIC 8 grinder this is no longer an issue coupled by the fact we can train any of our operators in a short amount of time.

Brent Letourneau
Team Leader
Vermont Precision Tools Inc.,
Swanton, VT

Echo Hill Automation - Automotive


The automotive industry requires high volume precision grinding. With constantly changing models and designs, flexibility is key to being successful.

The low maintenance and reliability of the TACTIC 8 are second to none.

As a Tier-one supplier to automotive we require maximum uptime coupled with minimal maintenance. The TACTIC 8 fills this requirement and has proven itself extremely dependable. The combination of inverted linear motor slides, Holo-Rol grind and reg. wheel spindle bearings have been maintenance free over the past 8 years.

Jason Boire
Engineering Manager
(Company kept confidential)


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